Monday, June 22, 2009

All Good Things...

There comes a time in each persons life where one chapter closes and another begins. That time for us comes at the end of July.

We will be relocating back to Houston.

We are also moving blogs our new blogs is:

If you would like access to the new blog send me an email at:

We have really enjoyed this adventure and enjoyed sharing this adventure with others. We are also looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities to come


Heather said...

yea, i'm counting the days!!!

Anonymous said...

So sad (but glad for you) to hear that you are leaving Lagos. As I Nigerian-American in NYC (born in NYC but went to high school in Lagos), your blog was a refreshing means of keeping abreast of my ever-beloved Lagos. Here's wishing you both the best.

Anonymous said...

I will miss you two too, loved reading your stories. I am Nigerian based in America, I feel so proud of you two, you went to Nigeria, worked among Nigerians and survived. You can succeed anywhere in the world. May God bless you and your lovely wife as you emback on your next journey abroad. I will miss your blog. Cheers!!!